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Unique Estate is a seasoned real estate consultant based in the vibrant States and cities of USA. 30 years of experience, Unique is a trusted expert in residential and commercial real estate, specializing in market analysis, property management, and investment strategies.

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Discover the impressive achievements of Franklin J Paccione, a trusted real estate consultant with over three decades of experience. These key statistics highlight his expertise and the significant impact he has had in the industry.


Years of Experience

Unique Estate Brokers: 30+ years of real estate expertise for exceptional client interactions.


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With 5000+ successful transactions, Unique Estate Brokers delivers results for real estate goals.


Client Satisfaction

With a 95% satisfaction rate, Unique Estate Brokers exceeds client expectations.


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Unique Estate Brokers: Trusted expert in market analysis, property management, and investment strategies.

Ashley Davis


Working with Unique Estate Brokers was a game-changer in our real estate decisions.

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